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Psychological Assessment Services

What is Tele-Assessment? 

Tele-assessment is the delivery of evaluation services using interactive technologies between a doctor and an individual who are not in the same physical location. The interactive technologies used in tele-assessment, incorporate security protocols to protect the confidentiality of individuals. Tele-assessment provides a convenient and readily accessible method to obtain brief psychological evaluations. Our tele-assessment platform is a HIPAA compliant video-based web platform technology, Zoom for Healthcare. 

What does an examinee need to use tele-assessment?

  1. Examinee MUST have an email address to receive the invitation to connect to our secure platform.

  2. It is important to use a secure internet connection.

  3. Examinee MUST be in a quiet area, free of distractions and interruptions.

  4. A device with a webcam and audio capabilities, computer, laptop or tablet.


  • ADHD (Adult, Adolescent, and Child)

  • Anxiety (Adult, Adolescent, and Child)

  • Behavior (Adolescent and Child)

  • Depression (Adult, Adolescent, and Child)

  • Emotional & Social Development (Adolescent, and Child)

  • Personality & Psychopathology (Adult and Adolescent)

*Comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluations (IQ/Intelligence, Academic Achievement, Adaptive, Behavioral, and Symptom-Measures) are available in-person only as contracted, on-location (i.e., at school site or facility) upon request on a case-by-case basis.

**All assessments come with a clinical interview to obtain historical information, a review of records if needed (i.e., IEP, previous diagnoses, medical records to include prescriptions), a Mini Mental Status Examination, and a psychological report signed by Dr. Alana Fenton and reviewed by a supervising Licensed Psychologist. Reports are diagnostic and may provide a diagnosis based on results. Clients will be asked to sign a Release of Information Form (ROI) prior to reports being released to them, and will be responsible for sharing those reports with other providers if they decide to.

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