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Welcome Open Path Members

What is Open Path Collective?

Open Path Collective connects clients in financial need with mental health professionals who offer affordable services on a sliding fee. Up to $70 for individual sessions, and up to $80 for couples sessions.

Why is Mind Elevation offering a sliding scale?

Being able to help those who cannot afford traditional service fees is the motivating factor behind offering a sliding scale. I am thrilled to help others in this manner. One of the biggest barriers to services is affordability.

How does Mind Elevation structure a sliding scale?

Primary hours and days allotted for a sliding fee are Fridays from 830am to 530pm. This may be subject to change if space in my practice becomes available. This means that I have set parameters for Open Path Members whom I only see on a Friday during those hours, keeping my other hours open for other supervised clinical work.

How many Open Path clients will Mind Elevation see per week?

I've set a limit of 10 Open Path clients per week. That is 10 open spots available on a sliding fee scale at any given time. My standard rates are $150 to $200 per hour, with Open Path, clients receive a 40 to 45% discount. I do not get involved in proving income as your referral from Open Path suggests that you've met income limits. Given my expertise, my rates are set at $70 individual/$80 couples and non-negotiable. 

How and when do you direct clients to Open Path?

When I get a prospective client who is asking about my sliding scale, I refer them to Open Path. I explain how Open Path works, and they will have to pay the initial $65 fee for an Open Path Collective Membership. As an Open Path member, you will have access to all therapists for a lifetime. 

To learn more about Open Path and becoming a client with Dr. Fenton, please visit

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