About Dr. Fenton


My name is Dr. Alana Fenton and I like to go by "Dr. A.". To share a bit about my credentials and services offered, I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology from APA Accredited Fielding Graduate University. I also have a Master's of Arts in Clinical Psychology, a Master's of Science in General Psychology, and a Bachelor's of Science in Human Development/Psychology. I'm also a long time member of the Psi Chi, The International Honor Society in Psychology. As a Psychologist Candidate (PSYC) in Colorado, I love that I can bring a unique twist to psychological services, by offering evidence-based, tele-assessment and tele-therapy services throughout the State of Colorado, providing affordability and accessibility to the surrounding communities. There are some exceptions to tele-assessment whereby I also offer in-person, on-location assessments (i.e., ABA facilities, schools etc...), as contracted. At present, I am under supervision as a Psychologist Candidate by Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Pamela Shipp, PhD, LP.


To tell you more about my experience, I have previous experience in neurodevelopmental and psychological assessment, including autism, ADHD, psychoeducational, and cognitive/intellectual testing. I currently hold certifications, training, and expertise in Autism Assessment (ADOS-2), Clinical Anxiety Treatment, Parent Management Training (Kadzin Method), Trauma-Focused Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).


I'm a former Specialist of the United States Army, college instructor of psychology, and a consultant in child and adolescent behavioral health and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. When I'm not nerding out on all things psychology, as the mother of two teenage sons, I spend time with my loved ones, enjoy travel, hikes and reading. Psychology has been my passion for the past two decades. My motto is "Service to Others Leads to Greatness!" I look forward to being of service in this community, helping you with your psychological needs.

Education and Certifications

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Fielding Graduate University, 2022

PhD in Clinical Psychology

Dissertation: Maternal Resources, Social Functioning, and Internalizing Outcome of Black Young Adults within LONGSCAN. 

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Certifications & Trainings

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)

Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP)

ADOS-2 Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule Certification 

Supervised Visitation Monitor Training

Professional Ethics, Boundaries and The Law

Life Coaching Certification

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Publications (Scholarly and Non-Scholarly)

Fenton, A., (2022) 4 ways supervisees can support trainees of color. https://blog.time2track.com/author/alanafenton/ 

Fenton, A. (2020). Testing and Assessment with Persons and Communities of Color. Presentation.

Fenton, A., (Dissertation Defended January 18, 2019). Maternal Resources, Social Functioning, and Internalizing Outcome among Black Young Adults within LONGSCAN. Fielding Graduate University.


Fenton, A., Levin, L., Campbell, J., & Ruffins, S. (2016). Abuse and maternal depression: Coping theory as a possible explanation for CES-D variance. Fielding Graduate University.


Campbell, J., Fenton, A., Levin, L., & Ruffins, S., (2016). Income as a longitudinal predictor of maternal depression and adolescent aggression.


Fenton, A. (2014). The relationship between obsessive compulsive personality disorder and adults with exposure to childhood domestic violence. Nova Southeastern University.


Fenton, A. (2014). Historical, cultural, and developmental changes in autism theory and research. Nova Southeastern University.

Fenton, A. (2011). The Black Book for Single Moms: 30 Days of Inspiration, CreateSpace Publishing ISBN-13: 978-1461062073

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My Philosophy

Jim Rohn was quoted as saying "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out." There are two main principles that are embedded in my personal philosophy.  These principles are: Treat other people the way you want to be treated, and service to others leads to greatness.  

There is another saying that "Too many people spend their lives being dutiful descendants instead of good ancestors." We have a responsibility not to please our predecessors, but to improve things for those that come after us. It is my goal to uphold the values of selfless service, integrity and respect in my field of psychological services. ~Dr. Fenton